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Carlo Revello, La Morra (Barolo)

Carlo Revello, La Morra (Barolo)

Back in 1989 the Fratelli Revello, Lorenzo and Carlo, took over their father’s estate. In 2016, the brothers divided their holdings and Carlo Revello e Figli came into being. Carlo now works with his eldest son and graduate of Alba’s School of Oenology Erik out of his new cantina in the Santa Maria hamlet of La Morra and is increasingly leaning back towards traditional practices, replacing more barriques each year with large Slavonian oak casks.

Carlo and Erik’s vinification skills are second to none, but their real strength lies in their enviable vineyard holdings in the heart of La Morra, a Barolo sub-zone famous for producing some of the most graceful Barolo. Carlo’s 7 hectares of vineyards are split between Rocche dell’Annunziata, Giachini, Conca, Gattera and from 2011 Bricco Manescotto and Boiolo.

To the east of La Morra, Rocche dell’Annunziata, Giachini and Gattera are amongst the most important vineyards in the sub-region. With Rocche dell’Annunziata being documented as an area dedicated to viticulture since 1200 A.D. we’re sure that Antonio Galloni won’t have been the first, or last, to describe it as an “exceptional vineyard” and “a site that yields Barolos of finesse”. Debate rages amongst producers over whether it is the altitude and microclimate or the soil that we should thank. All we know is that Carlo’s parcel 270m above sea level, with a south-westerly exposure providing early morning sun that stays until afternoon, 55-year-old vines and the calcareous, clayey soil mean that it doesn’t really matter: he has the ideal conditions by any metric. All this yields a Barolo of concentrated flavours and structure.

At 250m Gattera profits from the warmer microclimate, ripening the grapes to perfection. It’s another outstanding vineyard for Antonio Galloni who confirmed “Gattera excels with supple, open Barolos that capture the essence of this warm, La Morra microclimate. Gattera Barolos tend to drink well young.”

Galloni classifies Giachini as an exceptional vineyard and adds “Giachini is one of the more interesting vineyards in La Morra. Its signature floral aromatics and silky tannins are on full display.

Carlo Revello e Figli’s production consists of a gorgeous straight Barolo, in our opinion one of the most overachieving Barolo available today, the Barolo R.G, a blend of fruit from Carlo’s best parcels and, from the 2016 vintage, a stunning single cru Riserva from Rocche dell’Annunziata vineyards.

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