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Cà Rossa, Canale d'Alba (Roero)

Cà Rossa, Canale d'Alba (Roero)

Cascina Cà Rossa is a certified organic winery located in Canale d’Alba, just 15 km from Barolo. The winery was founded by Alfonso Ferrio who bought Cascina “Cà Rusa” (red farmhouse in local dialect) back in the 1960s. At the time the farm produced peaches, hazelnuts and a small quantity of wine (Arneis, Brachetto, Nebbiolo and Barbera) that was sold in demi-johns to other producers in the area.

In 1992, after returning from military service, Angelo joined the family business and a wine cellar was built. Under the supervision of his father, Angelo started to focus on quality rather than quantity, applying a stricter grape selection and green harvest practices to produce more concentrated wines. Angelo soon became the master winemaker in the family and a few years later, in 1995, he bottled his first Roero Audinaggio, a 100% Nebbiolo single cru made with the best grapes from Angelo’s parcel in the renown Valmaggiore vineyard, which is today one of his most famous wines.

The winery sits at the bottom of the Mompissano vineyard, which is considered by local producers as one of the finest vineyards in the entire Roero region thanks to its complex soil, exposure and altitude. From this vineyard, the family started producing their signature Mompissano Riserva. More recently Angelo acquired Le Coste, a 2 hectare sandy and clayey prime site in the North-West of the Roero designation near Santo Stefano Roero from which he produces the Roero Le Coste, a stunning single-cru with the pedigree to be a contender for one of the finest Nebbiolo wines in the region.

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