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REIS, Derthona (Timorasso)

REIS, Derthona (Timorasso)

Six friends, one dream. Simo Revello (Fratelli Revello), Francesco Bianco (Bovio), Luca Monti (Brovia), Luca Amerio (Scarpa), Matteo Laiolo (Vinchio-Vaglio Serra) and Enrico Pezzuto, friends since school days, dared to dream to put an ambitious project  together. Rèis means roots in local dialect and was chosen as a name by the guys as the word perfectly represent the interconnection between the land, the vines and people. 

Inspired by time spent with Walter Massa, the Godfather of Timorasso, the Rèis team settled on producing a Timorasso that reflected everything they had learned from their Maestro whilst respecting the history and traditions of the region and the variety characteristics. 

The Rèis team source their grapes froma reliable Colli Tortonesi farmer based in Sarezzano whose ethos is aligned with theirs. After harvest, which is strictly manual, the juice goes through a short maceration (12 hours) and fermentation is stainless steel tanks.The wine spends a further 9 months in the tank in contact with the lees before being bottled. 

Ultravino is the UK exclusive importer.


Colli Tortonesi Timorasso Derthona