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Cascina Baricchi, (Barbaresco)


Cascina Baricchi wine is a family run winery led by Natale Simonetta and his wife Francesca. The winery is in Neviglie, a small town just outside the official Barbaresco zone. Baricchi makes about 10 thousand bottles of Barbaresco per annum, all released as Riserva.

At the age of 24, Natale cut his teeth under the stewardship of Bruno Giacosa who was well versed in the art of the Nebbiolo blend. Giacosa was using the ultra-rare Rose clone from the Casasse vineyard, an extremely aromatic strain of Nebbiolo, to add vitality and lift to his Barbaresco wines. Ultimately, Natale took the reins at the Casasse vineyard on condition set by Giacosa that he bottled a 100% Rose clone Barbaresco which had never been done before. The Barbaresco Riserva “Rose delle Casasse” hails from the vineyard in Neive bearing the same name. The Riserva “Quindicianni” is a blend from two vineyards (Casasse and Bricco di Treiso).

In the cellar Natale works in a traditional style with long macerations, 15/18 days fermentation with natural indigenous yeast, frequent pump-overs and occasionally delestage (depending on the vintage and colour / strength of the juice).

After fermentation, the wines are macerated for an additional 10 - 12 days with submerged cap. The wines age for a minimum of 48 - 60 months in used second/third passage oak barrels. The Riserva “Quindicianni” spends another 10 years in the bottle (hence why the name “Quindicianni” which means fifteen years).

Someone may say I am pretentious, but I want perfection in everything I do. I always choose the best I can get, from the strings to tie my plants to the barrels I use to age my wines. When you buy a Ferrari, you want a Ferrari and to me my wines must be the Ferrari of Barbaresco.”

Natale Simonetta


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Barbaresco Riserva Docg "Rose delle Casasse" 

Barbaresco Riserva Docg "Quindicianni"