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Garrone, Ossola (Alto Piemonte)

Garrone, Ossola (Alto Piemonte)

Cantine Garrone is a small winery located in the Ossola Valley, the northernmost appellation in Piedmont. The winery is only 7 miles from the Swiss border and is part of the ‘Valli Ossolane’ appellation which was only recently given its own DOC in 2009. Here the Garrone family have been producing wine for decades, but their first commercial production (36 bottles!) was released in 1994.

Most of the vineyards here are steep and can only be worked manually. Many of the parcels in Ossola have vines that are over 100 years old and grown on the local traditional pergola training system called ‘topia’.

Garrone owns one hectare of vineyards and also buys fruit from other small producers in the area, with whom he created in 1994 the ‘Associazione dei Produttori Agricoli Ossolani’ (APAO), a small organization focused on recuperating and valorising mountain vineyards which were previously abandoned.

Cantine Garrone produces a monovarietal Prünent (Nebbiolo Wine) from vines averaging about 60-80 years old (many on original rootstock). They also make a superb wine called ‘Ca’ d’Mate’ which is Nebbiolo Wine blended with 15-20% Croatina, whose vines average over 40 years old.

Garrone’s wines are aromatic, elegant, and expressive – an absolute joy for any fans of Alto-Piedmont Nebbiolo Wine. High-altitude wines at their best.

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Valli Ossolane Nebbiolo Superiore ‘Diecibrente’

Valli Ossolane Nebbiolo Superiore ‘Prunent’

Valli Ossolane Rosso ‘Ca’ d’Mate’

Valli Ossolane Rosso ‘Tarlap’