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Nunzio Puglisi, Enotrio (Etna)

Nunzio Puglisi, Enotrio (Etna)

Located in Randazzo, on the northern slope of mount Etna, Enotrio is a Sicilian family affair made up by father Nunzio Puglisi and his two daughters Stefany and Désirée. 

With more than 30 years of experience working as agronomist and winemaker in multiple local wineries, Nunzio is one of Etna most regarded wine producers. From the early eighties until 2009 Nunzio built an unparalleled knowledge and experience as lead agronomist at a famous local winery being at the forefront of the pioneering implementation of the “Selezione Massale” technique in Etna used to replant and restore only those vines producing the finest grapes. During this period Nunzio and his family made a small quantity of wine for friends and family.  

In 2012 daughters Stefany and Désirée persuaded Nunzio to start making wine under his own label and the story of this beautiful enological trio began.  

The Puglisi Family owns around 4 hectares in total which are located in six different areas of the Northern slopes of Etna, in the towns of Randazzo (650m asl), Bronte (1100m asl) and Maletto (960m asl). The area is characterized by a large diurnal range and lower humidity compared to other slopes, factors that, in an hot region like Sicily, are essential to the production of fresher and more aromatic wines.  

The Puglisi family mainly focuses on local grapes (such as Nerello Mascalese and the white Carricante). Most of the Nerello Mascalese comes from a secular vineyard located in Contrada Calderara (near Randazzo), the rest of the vines were planted by Nunzio in the eighties using the “Selezione Massale” techinique.

In the last few years, leveraging on is solid agronomical know-how, Nunzio decided to make some experiments and start producing small quantities of Chardonnay, Traminer, Merlot and Pinot Noir with excellent results. The Pinot Noir, in particular, which is the only Pinot Noir produced in clay soil in Etna, has built a robust following amongst fine wine “cognoscenti” for being one of the finest Sicilian expression of this red variety, which is notoriously one of the most complex to cultivate.  

Nunzio’s lifelong experience along with a great attachment to his “Terra” convinced him to use only organic practices to manage his vineyards, which are cultivated with extreme care and attention following the lifecycle of nature and relying mostly on seasonal trends, which vary year or year. A small quantity of copper and sulphur is used, when necessary, to protect the vines and planting, pruning and harvesting are all conducted following the phases of the moon.  

The family uses the same attention and care in the cellar, where only indigenous yeasts are used for fermentation, which is rigorously spontaneous. White wines are aged in stainless steel whereas the reds mature in second or third passage Barriques / Tonneaux for 12 to 24 months depending on the wine. Nunzio’s wines are not filtered, clarified or stabilized as Nunzio is a firm believer that wine must be a true and honest expression of the typicity and uniqueness of its terroir. 

The resulting wines are plump, juicy and opulent, with fine acidity, great freshness, lovely balance and excellent fruit concentration. If you have never drunk Etna wines Enotrio’s range is arguably the best place to start!   

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NERELLO MASCALESE Etna Rosso DOC 2017 (Pussenti)

MERLOT IG Terre Siciliane Rosso 2020 (Tre Filari)