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Giulia Monteleone (Etna)

Giulia Monteleone (Etna)

Giulia Monteleone is located right at the foot of the Mount Etna at about 500m above the sea level and just a few meters from the spectacular Alcantara river.

Originally from Palermo, Giulia decided to start her own winery in July 2017 after a brief career as a food and wine journalist. Her dream was to find the perfect spot in Etna and start producing a unique range of terroir-driven wines in small quantities. After months of research, the family finally found two hectares of vineyards in the Cuba Hamlet near Castiglione di Sicilia on the Northern bank of Mount Etna and the Monteleone journey finally began.    

Monteleone is a beautiful family affair run by Giulia and her husband Benedetto Alessandro. Giulia oversees the entire operations of the business whereas the winemaking duties are handled by Benedetto Alessandro, a young Sicilian wine professional who gained a wealth of experience and a stellar reputation working as a winemaker and consultant for top wineries in the region.     

A few years on and it’s still pretty much work in progress for the Monteleone family. Giulia, along with her father Enrico and her husband are working hard on their new wine cellar in Contrada Sciambro, which should be hopefully completed by the end of the year. In the meantime the family is continuing their Etna expansion by purchasing exciting new small plots, with a focus on old vines of indigenous varieties.  

Giulia and her husband’s main focus is on native Sicilian varieties, such as Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and the white Carricante with a viticulture centered on delivering grapes in perfect health conditions year on year whilst respecting the local biodiversity and the surrounding environment. In the cellar Benedetto Alessandro’s main focus is on producing wines of excellent quality where the typical aroma and flavour characteristics of Etna truly shine through.  

The complex volcanic soil, combined with old vines (some of which planted before the phylloxera outbreak) and a unique microclimate influenced by the proximity to the river Alcantara are the main factors behind the success of this exciting new cantina, which currently produced a total of 10,000 bottles per annum, and we are very excited to be Giulia’s exclusive importer in the UK. 

Ultravino is the UK exclusive importer


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