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Stefano Zoli, Matelica, Marche

A couple of years ago Stefano Zoli, a well-established Italian enologist, decided to start his first solo project focusing all his efforts on his favourite Italian variety: Verdicchio. After months of research Stefano found a small vineyard right in the heart of Matelica, a wine region globally known as one of the very best for the production of this variety.

Stefano’s vineyard in Matelica was planted in the ’70s and is just under one hectare, with a perfect southeast aspect.  Every task is carried out by hand and any necessary treatments are kept to the very minimum possible. Stefano Zoli’s first Verdicchio is characterized by great purity, accessibility, fresh fruit flavours and enticing minerality.

Only 6,000 bottles of Verdicchio are made every vintage and the wine is fast building cult status.

Ultravino is the UK exclusive importer


Verdicchio di Matelica Doc