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Hugely coveted amongst Piedmont aficionados in the United States, Switzerland and the Nordics, it is an absolute coup for us to represent Azienda Agricola Paitin. The Pasquero-Elia family have been producing wines from the Serraboella vineyard for eight generations

The terroir specific to Sorì Paitin is reputed to produce wines with some of the longest aging potential in all of the Langhe. Serraboella itself has been somewhat overlooked by UK collectors more familiar with the Crus of Asili, Rabajà and Santo Stefano through their historical association with Giacosa but we will be doing our utmost to change that. Former oenological school classmate of Giovanni Pasquero Elia and long standing Giacosa winemaker, Dante Scaglione, consulted at Paitin between 2010 and 2016 and his advice continues to be followed at the estate. The vinous results of this collaboration can be summed up in one word – sublime.

Paitin has always possessed a unique terroir, fine heritage and exceptional track record but many commentators believe that recently Paitin has been challenging for one of the very top spots in Barbaresco and we couldn’t agree more.


Barbaresco Docg Sorì Paitin Vecchie Vigne Riserva

Barbaresco Docg Sorì Paitin

Barbaresco Docg Serraboella

Nebbiolo D’Alba Doc Ca Veja

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Giovanni & Silvano Pasquero Elia

Paitin was the nickname of founder Benedetto Elia who in 1796, purchased the farmstead with its outlying wine cellar and vineyards. Benedetto had identified the site as having the potential to produce one of the best wines in his village of Neive. In 1808, Benedetto’s son Giovanni acquired the underground cellar, dating back to the 16th century for the production of the ‘Nebbiolo di Neive’. In 1893, Giuseppe Elia together with the ‘father of Barbaresco’, oenologist, Domizio Cavazza, commenced production of the ‘Barbaresco del Bricco di Neive’ solely from ‘the Sorì Paitin’. A few years later, the wine was exported to Buenos Aires, New York and London.

Secondo Pasquero Elia took over in 1948 and with perseverance restored the Cantina back to its former glory after the ravages of war. Today production is led by Secondo’s sons Giovanni & Silvano. The brothers focus their attention on making wines that respect the full expression of the terroir working with as few interventions as possible both in the vineyard and cellar. The wines are nothing short of remarkable and are typified across the range by their freshness, refined tannins, purity of fruit and terroir driven minerality.


Serraboella is the most revered and important vineyard in the eastern part of the municipality of Neive. Antonio Galloni’s classifies Serraboella as an “outstanding vineyard” and describes it as “one of the most intriguing sites in Piedmont”. Serraboella sits at 350m above sea level. The orientation and incline of the vineyard provides an uninterrupted south-western exposure. The calcareous composition of the soil contributes to the minerality and the renowned longevity of the Nebbiolo produced here. In the Sorì Paitin, the soil is a unique and compact blend of blue and white marls with almost no sand whatsoever, a result of its position at the juncture where Elveziano and Tortoniano soils meet.

The age of the Nebbiolo vines is typically between 33 and 64 years with the oldest vines reserved for the Sorì Paitin and Vecchie Vigne (Riserva) bottlings. Total production of the Vecchie Vigne is around 4,600 bottles and it is only produced in top vintages.

We believe the very best wines in the world should be a concentrated representation of the uniqueness of their terroir coupled with an inherent ability to transport the imbiber to the time and place of their creation. Nebbiolo produced from the Sorì Paitin hits this particular nail firmly on its head.