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Sorpasso, Carema (Alto Piemonte)

Sorpasso story begins in 2012 when Martina and Vittorio rented their first vineyard in Carema. A few years on and the cantina is now considered one of the highlights of the entire region. Vittorio is a well-known oenologist, and his wife Martina is an architect. They were both born in Carema and a few years ago they decided to dedicate themselves to producing the finest possible wine from their land.

Carema is a small town located between Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont. Carema is an extreme area. Rocky. Steep. Insidious. The vinification here is very challenging. The cultivable areas here are very small, literally carved from the mountains, at between 300 and 700 meters altitude.

Martina and Vittorio work the vineyards by hands and in full respect of the surrounding environment and with a full focus on native grapes.

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