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Who We Are


Established in 2017, we are a Piedmont specialist fine wine importer with a focus on outstanding under-the-radar artisan producers from the Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero appellations. Our producers have an authentic story to tell, a point of difference to convey and exceptional wines that speak of their terroir.

We serve as the UK extension to our producers’ operations, representing their values, traditions and winemaking. Our relationships provide us with first hand insight into activities in both the vineyard and cellar. We visit our producers at their cantina throughout the year and we talk to them constantly.

Our approach is designed to bring together Piedmont wine producers and those that are passionate about their wines.

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About Us

The relationship between vine, climate and soil is fundamental in determining the character of a wine: the topography of Piedmont supports many microclimates. Weather conditions often impact one vineyard and not others within the same municipality. Consequently, generalisations about the quality of a vintage across the region are often misplaced.
Piedmont stands alone in being the only area in the world that provides the ideal conditions demanded by the Nebbiolo grape. Nebbiolo is special because it delivers an unparalleled spectrum of delicate nuances specific to its terroir and is a true representation of both time and place.


People are important to us. This is why we seek out and work only with wine makers from the region whose family traditions and philosophies we admire. We work hard to ensure that our Piedmont passionate customers can meet and connect with our producers in UK to fully appreciate the wines they are looking to acquire.


Provenance is a founding principle of our business. We import the majority of wines we offer directly from our producers. Where we are not the UK importer, we will only source wines of interest to our customers from existing UK importers. We do not operate as a broker so we can ensure the full lineage of all the wines we offer. All the wines in our portfolio have been meticulously selected by us.
In some instances, we may offer wines on an En Primeur basis for new vintage releases where we anticipate customer interest will be high to secure the necessary allocations upfront to meet demand. Our producers have appointed us to import and distribute their wines in the UK only and we would kindly request that our customers do the same.


Our Founders

Gabriele Bertone

Representing Piedmont in the UK on a daily basis

Angela Masella

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